The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond
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"Drs. Horn and Miller have superb training and years of practical experience caring for women patients. It shows on every page of this excellent book.”
--The Honorable Glenda Hatchett, star of the nationally syndicated television program, “Judge Hatchett

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The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond
A No-Nonsense Approach to Staying Healthy After 50

By Janet Horn, MD, and Robin H. Miller, MD

Addressing the specific health issues of women in midlife and beyond, the book focuses on the prevention of the most common diseases that occur as the body matures, and on the management of symptoms that may indicate a medical emergency. The most recent medical research pertaining to women of various ethnic groups and lifestyles is discussed, as are the latest treatments. Not only are specific recommendations from the traditional medical field given, but the book also offers suggestions from the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Written in an informal and conversational style, the book gives easy-to-understand explanations of commonly used medical terms and concepts. In addition, the authors have created a method, called “The 4 A’s”, that helps you organize, simplify, and remember what you need to do to stay healthy and active, and they show you how to use it for all of their recommendations throughout the book. To make the book entertaining as well as informative, the authors include stories about their own experiences with aging and those of their patients, as well as their personal regimens of everything from exercise and eating to skincare. At the end of each chapter are included: A list of important take-home points to help the reader better care for herself, and a chat between the docs about the issues just discussed. A detailed suggested health maintenance schedule, a recommended reading list, and an extensive list of references are also included.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife and Beyond includes the information you need to:

  • Care for your whole body to prevent common diseases

  • Learn which health issues are normal, which are serious, and what to do about them

  • Overcome memory loss, depression and anxiety

  • Avoid heart attacks and strokes

  • Know which diseases affect the lungs at this age, and how to prevent them

  • Maintain your ability to move easily and comfortably

  • Keep your GI tract and your urinary tract doing what they should

  • Understand menopause and hormone replacement therapy

  • Learn how to care for your nonproductive reproductive organs

  • Nourish and protect your skin and hair

  • Eat in a healthy way, and lose or maintain your weight

  • Discover the different types of exercise necessary at this age

  • Know which types of cancer you are at risk for, and how to prevent or detect them early

  • Choose the right vitamin and herbal supplements for you

  • Find out whether or not treatments like massage and acupuncture will work for you

  • Know when to share your concerns with your doctor or healthcare practitioner

  • Create a personal Health Maintenance Schedule to keep your health on track

  • Know about the latest research and recommendations for your ethnic group and lifestyle

  • Enjoy being a 21st Century Woman

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The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond
A No-Nonsense Aproach to Staying Healthy After 50

Published by New Harbinger Publications
September 2008
paperback / 264 pages
ISBN-13: 9781572245563
ISBN-10: 1572245565

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